You can view 3 sets of photos: The property, the main house and the guest house.


Viewing photos - Click on the photo you want to display in enlarged format on the photo viewer.


Auto scrolling - Click onabove the viewer on the left and all the photos following the one you originally clicked on will be displayed every 4 seconds.


Stop auto scrolling - Click on the enlarged photo displayed on the viewer to stop the auto scrolling.


Selective display - Click onorabove the viewer on the right to show the previous or next photo (auto scrolling will be disabled). You can identify a photo you want to review by memorizing the number of the photo in the bottom right of the photo viewer. Thereafter do a search in the appropriate series of photos by clicking on one of the arrows at both ends.


Resuming Auto Play - Clickabove the viewer on the left and auto scrolling will be reactivated.